Friday, August 6, 2010

Magma Rose

Today I was looking through the photos I took on my recent trip to California, and found this one which I took in the gardens at the Huntington Library in Pasadena.

I love the name and the lava-like colors of this rose. -- PL


Adam Riches said...

Seeing as this is more of an arbitrary post and less to do with the topics that usually get response heavy, it seemed like a good one to give a cover-all reply to. I've recently started a new job that takes a whole lot of my time and finds me pretty exhausted when I'm not working on it so my internet presence has become much less frequent (thus the lack of palblog responding ;-)

Anyway! I was very happy to see you made the trip out to California, I think it will lead to many enriching opportunities for you to experience all kinds of amazing things, and I once again found the insight in to your life both interesting and inspiring on a personal level. However, I was even more happy to find that you're begun drawing with some regularity again! I've been eagerly awaiting our first piece of new non-TMNT art, and I'm glad to see it's starting to flow forth. As someone who illustrates as a profession, I know first hand how hard it is to sometimes get the idea well flowing again after it hasn't in sometime, or how it can be even harder to start a personal project after having so much of your art dedicated to a job, so I think it's great news that you're carrying around a sketchbook again. I do hope you'll continue to share new art with us as you see fit.

And lastly (so as to not be completely off topic) the Magma Rose is quite the cool flower, and name!

FF said...

Dear Mr. Laird,

I am writing you on to ask you a question that I can not find on the internet at all. In the TMNT 3 movie the "ancient scroll" is shown in there I was wondering if you have any scans or pictures of this I hate bothering you but I couldnt find it and thought I would ask. Hopefully you do but if not no worries.

I would like to do something for you. I work at Stone Mountain Park. If you ever come to Ga let me know. I currently work in the public safety field there and I get passes to give out. I would like to give you and whoever you bring some passes to enjoy the park. We have lots of attractions and place for you to take pictures of and plenty of hiking trails. Please let me know about this and the "Ancient scroll".

Thanks for all the TMNT over the years enjoy your retirement

BTW The pic of the flower is very nice my fiance thought it had a pleasant feeling to it.

Franklin Fritts

From Mary's Pen said...

What a gorgeous rose! You have a talent for photography as well.

Rejoicing in the day,

Brookslyn said...
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Brookslyn said...

On a side note. Did you eat at the Huntingon Library Rose garden cafe? or Chinese food in the Chinese Garden? If so, my friend probably waited on you! I've often thought about bringing some pastels to the Huntington to do some drawing... but it would be a whole day event.