Sunday, August 22, 2010


Although I don't read as many magazines as I used to these days, one of the ones I still get fairly regularly is Fortean Times. In it, there are often photographs of things in nature which sort of look like other things -- usually a face in some natural feature like a tree trunk or boulder. They call these things "simulacrum", defined on as "a slight, unreal, or superficial likeness or semblance".

On this somewhat unseasonably cold and wet Maine day, I walked down to the pebble beach below the house we're renting and spent some time walking on and looking at rocks. As I was pondering some rocks in the tidal zone, I noticed this:

See the face peering back? It almost looks like someone trapped among the rocks. At least, it does to me. -- PL


Anonymous said...

I really find following your whole new "Zen" lifestyle fascinating. I know you want to find your old drawing self back, but I was wondering if you forsee yourself drawing any kind of comic books, whether its TMNT or anything else in this new "eightfold path"?

mikeandraph87 said...

To follow up on blemagwadabou I must say I enjoy seeing the diversity in what you draw. I hope to see what comees after the Robin Hood picture. Maybe it would come froman experience or maybe like I think I sadi before a portrait of your wife.

Looking at it it appears as if Lt. Grantior,Traag's 2nd in commandis peeking through a pile of rocks.

Tyr Germanic said...

i dont see it.maybe its like a rorshach type deal though,because one rock looks like a knights helmet to me..huh.

those are some reporter ass questions up there and this doesnt make sense:
you want to find your old drawing self back,what kind of wording is that?

Summer said...

I see it! I'm really enjoying the pictures you've been posting. You've got a great eye for natural beauty.

Anonymous said...

Reporter Ass questions? What are you talking about, what was the point of that comment?