Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cap versus Thor...?

Like many people, I am looking forward to the "Avengers" movie scheduled to be released next May. And I am enjoying the little teasers and such that are emerging from the production, including the official teaser trailer which was released a few weeks ago.
There has been a lot of speculation about one particular quick bit in that trailer, a glimpse at a scene which shows the mighty Thor leaping through the air and bringing his hammer down on Captain America's shield (as shown here in two screen grabs I made from the trailer).

I have read some speculation that this could be indicative of some sort of dissension or conflict in the ranks of the Avengers.

But while thinking about this the other day, it occurred to me that another possibility might be tied into another speculation about the possible plot of the movie, one which says that the Skrulls might be involved.

The Skrulls, as fans of Marvel comics are surely aware, are a race of shape-changing aliens, first encountered, I believe, in the pages of some early issues of "Fantastic Four". If the Avengers are in fact battling shapeshifters in the new movie, could one of the characters in this scene actually not be the real deal… but a Skrull impostor?

I don't read a lot of the fan sites online, so it is entirely possible that this idea has been bruited about already. But I thought it was an intriguing possibility. -- PL

       P.S. Of course, it's also intriguing to consider what the result would be if that is the real Thor with the real Mjolnir… and that's the real  Captain America with his real shield made of Vibranium. Would the force of Thor's hammer blow be absorbed and dispersed by the unique qualities of that rare metal found only in Wakanda, the jungle kingdom of T'Challa, the Black Panther?

       Guess we'll have to wait and see...


Arvin said...

I'd been really looking forward to a Skrulls showdown since that's the main antagonist in the first volume of the Ultimates, upon which most of the modern Avengers movies have been based. It now sounds like Loki is the main bad guy (like he was in volume 2), and while I'm still hopeful for the Skrulls, now I'm not so sure (they certainly seem like they'd get short shrift if that's the case).

Now I'm pretty certain it's just Loki pulling his trickery... either possessing one of the Avengers or making them see the other as an enemy.

I was surprised to find myself liking Thor better than Captain America (the movies), but I gotta admit Loki was good but not great in it (a little too wimpy and sensitive). I know they're going to vastly expand on that but we'll see if I can make the conceptual leap of faith, and I certainly hope audiences would find him an intimidating enough villain for the entire team to have trouble taking on.

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

I'm geeking out for this flim, and I wasn;t even that huge of an avengers fav (I was an X-men kiddo).
I've loved the Iron Man films, and I thought Capt. America was really well done (despite some of the plot wagon at the end) and I really liked thor. So I'm very jazzed for this film.

I've heard the Skrull theory, and I think it has a lot of merrit. I also think Arvin here might be on the money with Loki tricking them. Who knows. LOL. But I'm very very excited.