Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Picket Line" by Breena Wiederhoeft... and a very nice "Thank you!"

Occasionally, I will get a note from a recipient of a Xeric Foundation comic book self-publishing grant, usually thanking the Foundation for the grant. But a few days ago I got a REALLY cool one.

There was a large -- about 11" by 15" --  envelope leaning up against my office door at Mirage, and when I opened it, there was this:

Breena Wiederhoeft, writer and artist of a graphic novel titled "Picket Line", a copy of which was also at my office door (here's the cover)...

... had created this incredible, elaborate "Thank You!" in the form of a full-color page of comics, featuring the TMNT and her character "Rex" from "Picket Line". And not only did she send a nice color copy of the art, she sent the ORIGINAL! Wow. Thanks, Breena! -- PL

To find out more about Breena's work and her graphic novel "Picket Line", you can go to her website, "Easel Ain't Easy" at this URL:


Mark H said...

That is a very cool thank you. Cute and funny.

BL said...

LOVED the little video for "Picket Line"....and especially liked the way she drew the trees towards the end of the clip...cool!

Anonymous said...

Very cool thank you card, and a great gag at the end.

Stan Sakai

David McBride said...

Very cool!