Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review of the new "Green Lantern" movie

When I was a kid reading DC comics, Green Lantern was -- after Superman -- my favorite DC hero. I thought his costume was cool, the power ring an amazing weapon/tool, and I liked the green theme.

So I was pretty excited when I heard a few years ago that there was a big-budget "Green Lantern" movie in the works. I never got to catch it in the theatre when it came out this year… possibly due to a diminishment of that excitement due to the almost universally horrible reviews.

But I still wanted to see it, and I picked up the DVD when I saw it at Barnes and Noble a few days ago. Jeannine, who'd said she would go with me to see it in a theatre, sat down to watch it with me at home.

She left about ten minutes into the movie. I probably should have too, but I wanted to give it a chance. And I did… but it never got better.

Awful writing. Awful story. Awful pacing. Occasionally great effects. A good character well-played in Mark Strong's Sinestro. Ryan Reynolds desperately trying to make the best of the crap he was given to say and do, sometimes succeeding, most times not.  Occasionally atrocious design (the ridiculous "throne towers" for the Guardians, for example). Bad choices at almost every turn.

Did I say awful writing? This movie had some of the WORST dialogue I've ever heard in a film.

I could actually sense Jeannine's attention and interest slipping away during the beginning of the movie, which was so off-putting in it's "let's talk down to the stupid audience" exposition and just dreadfully tiresome videogame-like special effects that even I barely got through it.

And I have to ask -- is Hal Jordan (at least the Hal Jordan as portrayed in the movie) REALLY the sole person on Earth most worthy of the power ring, which supposedly has the ability to seek out the best candidate? Really? He's the BEST of all the billions of people on Earth? Please.

What an atrocious waste of a great character. -- PL

(P.S. I couldn't bear to use an image from the movie to illustrate this review, so instead I found one from the comics of my childhood, on Wikipedia.)


David McBride said...
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David McBride said...

When I first heard who was cast I didn't have much hope. I like Ryan Reynolds but I didn't think he was the best choice. I wanted Nathan Fillion to be Hal, like most fans. But, I have to say Blake Lively and the others surprised me. Like you said they did the best they could with what they had to work with.

A lot of people had problems with the constructs nut I liked them.

My main problems with the story were for one it felt like Hal was in training for five minutes then he quit and was back with out having much guidance on how to use the ring. Secondly, the other lanterns weren't used much at all. Lastly, my biggest gripe was that the student teacher and eventually friend like relationship between Hal and Sinestro was never developed. So, I really didn't care when he turned at the end.

This is one case were I am happy for reboots.

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

I missed this in the theater, and haven't seen it on DVD yet. I'm of two minds....I can get it free at the library, but if its as bad as people say I'm not sure I want to loose time from my life span.

Of course it might be worth a mystery science theater 3000 viewing with friends......