Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blast from the Past #283: Fire tower

This is another drawing I did back in 1980 for "Hampshire Life", and this one was printed on the cover page. It's an illustration of a tower in a local state forest employed for scoping out forest fires. (I think I used the one in Goshen, at the DAR, as the model for this piece.) I'm posting it without cleaning it up, so the things done to the original for purpose of pasting up (this was pre-computers, remember) are visible. You can see that some of the paper around the top bits of the drawing was actually cut away -- I'm pretty sure that was to allow the drawing to be superimposed over the "Hampshire Life" logo. I wish they'd done that to a stat of the artwork instead of the artwork itself, but -- such is life.

As I recall, this was not a fun drawing to do. Getting all those skinny girders to line up in proper perspective was a real pain. -- PL


Benji said...

It might not have been fun, but it was definitely worth it. Your attention to detail has always amazed me and made your art unique. Great stuff, Pete.

Brookslyn said...

Awesome, brings back memories of hiking the fire trail at the Notch.

mikeandraph87 said...

It may have been a pain to draw,but it looks like it was worth it in the end!