Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring waterfalls

Like many people, I am fascinated by waterfalls, big and small. Actually, I think I find the small ones even more captivating than really huge ones.

In the hills of New England around this time of year it is common to find what I refer to as "spring waterfalls". These are small watercourses created by the melting of the winter snow in the spring. During this time, these little streams will run freely, but as the snow finishes melting, they tend to dry up and disappear until the following spring, occasionally reappearing before that if there is lots of rain.

But it's cooler in the spring, because these things are easier to spot while you are driving around, given that there are no leaves yet to block the view.

I found these little waterfalls last year, just a hundred or so feet off a road which I travel quite a bit. For some reason, I had never noticed them before that. A few days ago I was out on the Victory and decided to stop to take some shots, as the snow around here has been melting rapidly and I could see that there was quite a bit of water coming down this hill. I put some of the photos together into this panoramic view. -- PL


mikeandraph87 said...

Here in Virigina the snow leaves as March enters.The pictures do good to represent your region as spring breaks in.

Nice pics!

msemilylaird said...

Pretty, dad! You haven't shown me that one before...not one of your faves?

PL said...

"msemilylaird said...
Pretty, dad! You haven't shown me that one before...not one of your faves?"

Em, it is one of my faves, but it's hard to see when just driving by, especially in the summer. But if you are willing to walk a hundred feet or so into the woods next time you're out for a visit, I'll gladly take you there. -- Dad