Monday, March 8, 2010

Motorcycle + camera + almost Spring-like weather = fun

We had another very nice day here yesterday -- sunny and around 52 degrees. I was going to take the NT700V out again, but developed a craving for the Victory Vision (probably for its seat and grip warmers as well as its superior wind protection). The only problem was the fact that the space where I store most of my bikes during the winter always develops a large, compacted lump of icy snow which blocks the doors (it slides off the high roof and packs itself quite densely). I usually just wait until it melts.

But for whatever reason, yesterday I got obsessed with the idea of getting the Vision out on the road, so I spent about half an hour chopping, hacking and shovelling a just-wide-enough path through this snowpack, and managed to get the Vision out without falling over or getting stuck. Here's a photo of said path (taken the following day, so a little of it has melted).

So after a short bicycle ride in Northampton with my friend Rick, I headed up to Shelburne Falls to grab a coffee and a pastry at McCusker's, followed by some wandering around taking photos. I always like looking at the "Bridge of Flowers" in Shelburne Falls, ever when it's out of season and aboslutely nothing is flowering. It's still a beautiful bridge. Here's a little panoramic view looking at the south side of the bridge...

I like this bit of impressionistic color I caught in the ripples of the river below the bridge.

Of course, I had to go look at the glacial potholes (always fascinating for me), and noticed these dead plants backlit by the setting sun.

On my way home from Shelburne Falls, I noticed that the light was getting very pretty as the sun set, and I stopped near a marsh with the hope of getting some interesting shots. I like this one of an old cattail starting to fall apart.

And of course I had to take a shot (actually several, to make this little panorama) of the bike.

When I got home, the sun had almost set, and I noticed some lovely clouds out of our back window, so I grabbed the camera again and took some shots for this panoramic view.

All in all, a good day. -- PL


TMNTboy said...

Hey nice bike and I am so excited fro warm weather to come again

mikeandraph87 said...

It hit 68 today and a week ago tomorrow we had snow showers. Mother Nature is crazy.
If you love the Northampton area you'll have to love the snow.It comes with the