Friday, December 24, 2010

Icy winterberries

I took this photo of the winterberries in our front yard a couple of years ago. My wife is very fond of these bright red berries, and I can see why -- they add such a lovely dash of brilliant red to an otherwise mostly monochromatic winter landscape.

When I took this photo, we'd just recently had a storm which dropped some freezing rain as well as snow, and it left some interesting residue in places, like these ice crystals of this leaf and the coating of ice on the berries. So far this winter, we have had virtually no snow - just a few flurries that amounted to no more than a slight dusting which disappeared within days. Although a significant snowstorm would lend our area the classic "white Christmas" look (and make my daughter happy), I am content with not having to plow or shovel or scrape or sand. -- PL


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..that's just beautiful, Pete!!

Hope you, the Missus, Emily and family have a great holiday and New Year !!

~ t

FF said...

Merry Christmas From my Family to Yours.

I too hope for a White Christmas this year never had one but I live in ga.