Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sketchbook drawing: Tree stump with hidden stone head

This is something that I pulled out of the sketchbook I took to Maine with me this summer, though none of it was done in Maine. I started the drawing a few miles away from our house, where I found an interesting old tree stump that had been pulled out of the ground, and was lying with its roots exposed. (You can see it in the upper center section of this drawing.) For some reason, I didn't finish the drawing.

It was actually a month or so later, while waiting in Los Angeles in the airport for our flight home, that I decided to continue doodling on this one and make up some stuff to go with it. I have always been fond of the "ancient city lost in the jungle" concept, so I kind of went in that direction, adding lots of vegetation and a weird, monolithic stone head. It was fun. -- PL


FF said...

love it, keep em coming.

Ronin Artist said...

Hello Mr. Laird, do you do talks and presentations at schools?