Sunday, December 19, 2010


Seashells are almost a cliche in still-life drawing. I remember drawing them in classes at UMass years ago. But there's a reason that they are so popular -- they are very cool to draw. Their shapes are fascinating, often combining strong, sweeping youthful curves along with the crumbling, shadowed edges of age.

While we were in Maine this summer, and I was prowling the pebble beach near the house we rented, I found a number of shells of various types. Nothing spectacular, but some interesting (to me at least) pieces. I gathered up a few and brought them back to the house, where I sat on the deck with my sketchbook and drew them sitting on the weathered arm of the deck chair.

I'm glad I did. There is nothing particularly special about this drawing, but looking at it makes me feel good, for a number of reasons. -- PL


FF said...

They almost look like skulls. Nice pic by the way.

PL said...

"FF said...
They almost look like skulls. Nice pic by the way."

Somewhat appropriate, I would think, given that they are the "bones" of formerly-living creatures.

And thanks! -- PL

Jeff M said...

Yeah, at first glance I completely thought the larger one was a skull fragment... then I read the text and was surprised.. funny how things work I suppose.... faces in EVERYTHING