Saturday, December 18, 2010


No, I won't be talking today about the technique of putting together small colored tiles to create an image -- rather,  this will just be a small post about the restaurant in Northampton that Jeannine took me to yesterday.

It's called Mosaic, and it's on Masonic Street, and it is pretty cool. Jeannine's been there a number of times, and said a lot of good things about it, so when she offered to meet me there before her haircut appointment, I jumped at the chance.

It's a small place, but has a nice feeling to it. I didn't look over their extensive menu too carefully, instead going for a spicy lamb stew with sausage that my eye was drawn to. That was a mistake, I think -- when my meal came, I sat puzzling over why I couldn't see any chunks of lamb in it. (It turned out that the lamb was IN the sausage.) And it was one of those dishes that seems at first to be mildly spiced, but over a few minutes of eating starts to demonstrate its Scoville units content.

I like some spiciness in food, but this was a bit too much. It WAS very flavorful, though... and I did eat a bit more than half of it, so I don't consider it a total loss.

But Jeannine got the better meal -- both in edibility and presentation. She ordered the red lentil soup, and it came in a bowl with a crepe artfully placed on the bottom.

And it was tasty, too! I will definitely be going back to Mosaic... I think I will try the beef stew that Jeannine pointed out to me. -- PL

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mikeandraph87 said...

I wish the ladies would take us out more often. haha.

Like a number of people perhaps youself included I know the menus and don't hardly bother looking them over and when it comes to somewehere new I'll gamble on a menu item not knowing what to expect ven if a familar dish.