Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After the ice storm

We got more snow yesterday -- not too much, probably about three or four inches, but it was followed by something we all dread in these parts -- freezing rain. What happens when freezing rain hits snow?


Ice everywhere, on the snow, on the trees, on your car, your driveway, your sidewalk... everywhere.

It's not much fun to deal with. Sand helps. Fortunately, it seems to be warming up -- the thermometer outside our kitchen window is registering about thirty-five degrees -- so hopefully much of our icy coating will melt and fewer of us will fall on our butts or skid off roads.

There is one good (or at least not BAD) thing about these storms -- their residue can be very pretty. I stepped outside before breakfast to shake/knock some ice from the perilously-close-to-snapping slender branches of the birch tree in our front yard, and also to take a few shots of the glistening ice which coated everything outside with about a quarter-inch thick coating of ice, which was glistening in the sunlight struggling to break through the morning mist.

Here's one closeup of the tip of one of the branches of that birch tree...

... I must say I kind of like the dinosaur-claw look the coat of ice gives these branches. But I'll be glad when it's gone.  -- PL


mikeandraph87 said...

I've gotten snow three times this winter and the worst has been 3.5 inches which is what your thinking isn't a bad storm. Schools shut down at the fact its plus 1 inch and caution safety and people are stuck in the house for a day and a half or so. I find it interesting in reading your post at the differences of two East Coast states reactions and thoughts on a lot of snow.

Stay safe and try to stay warm.

Summer said...

Ice was common in TN where I grew up. The temperatures were always right around freezing, so it seemed like we always got ice instead of snow. It's beautiful, even though it is more of a hassle.

Jeff M said...

I also really like the "claw" look the ice gave your tree. Before reading the last paragraph of your post, I said to myself "Wow, those look like talons." We've had our little bout of freezing rain here in Ohio too, though, it wasn't so bad. My tree in the yard hasn't gotten nearly the coating yours had, maybe about an eighth of an inch. Still Pretty... and now... I am going to look for claws :P

Anonymous said...

this ice strom wasn't as bad as that one a few years ago here in MA that we had.

Miika said...

Have to agree with mikeandraph87, it's really interesting to see how differently people react to snow and ice. It's really quite funny to read about schools shutting down and what not after a 3,5 inches of snow, when back in Finland we currently have like 24 inches (where I live), and everything is as fine and dandy as can be. But yeah, obviously we're used to it, so all the necessary precautions are taken every year..

But as for the original post, ice makes everything pretty and that photo really proves it, nice one!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.