Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blast from the Past #341: Fanzine drawing: Goblins with pig

I don't remember much -- okay, ANYTHING, really -- about the story for which this fanzine illustration was done, but it was obviously an image specific to the tale. I like this one. The pig is cute, and the goblins are goblin-y. -- PL


Anonymous said...

While it's my opinion that society no longer gives artists enough time to learn enough about the trade to become as good as the masters, something about this work reminds me of the etching prints from the Renesance that Durr did.

I think it's the subject matter that reminds me of his work, but speaking honestly, it could just be that after learning about him last semester though, that I compair all ink drawings to his work.

I can't decide if the goblins are about to eat the pig, or if they look like the pig is about to tell them something they're interested in.

Anonymous said...

Goblins with Pig! If this was not drawn for a story, there should be a story written for this drawing. I love that pig's expression.

mikeandraph87 said...

Are you giving hints of a tale that will be in a future isue of Usagi Yojimbo,Mr.Saki? ;)

I'll have to a little e-search on this picture. It seems to be some short story that appeared in Hampshire Life or maybe an undergorund cult folllowing that dealt with gobblins? Just educated guesses.

Anonymous said...

That kind of reminds me of Hen Wen from The Chronicles of Pyrdian. Didnt she get kidnapped/rescued by some Goblins at some point?