Friday, January 21, 2011

Blast from the Past #340: Man with Tarot card (fanzine drawing)

fanThis is another one of those drawings I did for fanzines in the 1980's, in this case 1983. I drew this one on coquille board, and I think it was a good technique choice, because it allowed me to fairly easily do those crazy "magic vibe" designs around the character holding the tarot card.

I have no distinct memory of the story that this piece was meant to illustrate, but the details in this drawing are so specific, I suspect I paid pretty close attention to what had been written to get all the bits right. 

At least, I hope I did! -- PL


FF said...

Reminds me of a merlin type character, the crazy magician that no one takes seriously, and always talks in "code."

Stephan said...

This image is from a fantasy publication called Dragonlore. This particular image is from issue 5.

Peter did 4 images in that book. They can be found here: