Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blast from the Past #334: Superhero idea for "Big Y" advertisements

As you may know if you've followed this blog long enough, early in my illustration career I was fortunate to get several illustrating jobs for a local chain of supermarkets called "Big Y". As I remember, the work wasn't terribly interesting (drawing platters of fruit or cheese or cold meats), but it paid pretty well.

I'm not sure why I did the following conceptual drawing back in 1981 -- I doubt I was asked to do it -- but perhaps I had developed enough of a relationship with my contact at Big Y to feel comfortable making this kind of suggestion. And it was a true comic book geek-type suggestion: Use a superhero to sell groceries!


As you might expect, it didn't go over that well. Too bad -- it might have been fun to work on a campaign like that. -- PL


Adam Riches said...

I don't think it's a bad idea honestly, maybe it's cause I'm a comic geek too, though?

Perhaps it's just the weird advertising in FL but I see things of of this nature (in fact probably even stranger) used in grocery circulars to advertise all the time. Maybe you were just pitching it to the wrong store/place/time?

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