Friday, January 28, 2011

Blast from the Past #343: Fantasy illustration

This is another one of those drawings from the early 1980's for which I cannot recall too many salient facts.

I am not even sure if it was drawn to be published, though the specificity of some of the details -- like the look of the monster -- leads me to believe it was a commission for a fanzine. -- PL


B.Thomas said...

Simply fantastic Peter! If you would've never mentioned the time period you created this illustration, I would've assumed that it was created recently.

Anonymous said...

I've recently decided to get back into tabletop RPGs, and I think I'm going to have to mine these drawings for story and monster ideas. I particularly like the earlier goblins and pig sketch.

Incidently, the first rpg I ever bought was birthday money on my 12th birthday back in 1985 was TMNT! I had never heard of them, but I went into the local hobby shop (i.e. yarn and knick-knacks, not a gaming store) for weeks before, fascinated by the characters, story and art - so thank you!


Anonymous said...

This looks kind of similar to the "Vine Beast" you just posted. Did you post this one with that in mind?