Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blast from the Past #46 repost: Alien Snake Hunter

Here’s another piece from 1983, the early days of Mirage Studios, pre-Turtles. Kevin and I did a bunch of these together. He would take various black and white drawings I had done, make copies of them, mount the copies on foam-core board, and proceed to apply his marvelous colors to them, usually Dr. Martin's dyes. Actually, it was in large part because we both liked the results so much that we decided to form Mirage Studios. Below is my original black and white art, then below that is Kevin's color version. -- PL


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..is there any kind of prep you guys did/ do for items like this ??

I'm curious of the lasticity and longevity of these.

Mistakes i often made long ago was working on 'alternative' ( i guess ) types of canvas using things like oils on a non- gessoed or primed piece. The mistake lies is that over time, the oils would start to 'eat' away at the canvas and pretty much allow it to destroy itself. I guess as it breaks down.

Please forgive me, my familiarity with Dr Martins is limited as far me actually using them.

i'm assuming using the dyes has a different effect as far as acidity ( if that's the term i'm looking for [ ??] ) than with some of the materials i've used in the past.

It's interesting that your using pretty much Xerox paper on foam core as a veritable canvas ( if i'm phrasing this correct).

I'm assuming that using the dyes does " HOLD UP " over time without threatening the piece of art as a whole.


Neil Vitale said...

Hey Peter...

Is there a reason behind the name Mirage? Always wondered that..

Personally, right now I'm wondering if I should brand my videos myself... I'd love to go around conventions just filming interesting panels..

Oh, speaking of which, do you guys mind if we film the Mirage panel at the NYCC this year? I know most of you guys, like the rest of us, tend to be rather camera shy. I usually put up all of a panel, but in this case I'd put up only a small snippet of it if you guys don't want to wind up on youtube :)..

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Neil, i though they name MIRAGE STUDIOS derived from the fact that that in the beginning the ' Studio ' was so small , in fact it was like a kitchenette or something. So small a company,, the studio might as well have been a ' Mirage ' ..>v<

Bookgal said...

Let me quote Indy here: The title ought to be " I hate Snakes." LOL

Newton Gimmick said...

Yeah as the story goes, there was no real studio, so it was a Mirage. Pretty clever if true.

I love the way those old photos look. Comics don't look like that now days. Mirage's old stuff always looked like it was done with a marker... Dunno why it was so appealing to me, but it always was.

I have a bunch of the old RPG games and they feature similar looking covers.