Monday, December 29, 2008

Blast from the Past #57 repost: "Interrupted Meal"

This isn't TMNT-related, but it is a blast from the past. I found this unfinished drawing in my files when I was looking for old TMNT stuff recently, and thought it was kind of fun. This was drawn back in the days when I was really into Barry Smith's barbarian stuff (probably late '70's or early '80's). I think I had just gotten a set of Prismacolor pencils and was trying them out. I can't remember why I didn't finish this drawing... maybe it was the idea of coloring all of those trees.

Although this is not my favorite drawing, it is representative of my favorite TYPE of drawing -- one that tells, or simply suggests, a story. In this case, are those skeletal revenants intending to do harm to the barbarian... or, awakened from an icy slumber by the warmth of his campfire, do they just want a nibble of the meal he is cooking? -- PL


Ectopaul said...

Damn that's a cool picture, I agree with your story comment.

I think the whited out trees add a cool stylistic effect, it makes the drawing seem more cold, and the tree and fire being warm it's like the skeletons are going towards the warmth. Really cool stuff.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..yeh those tress look rad as - is.

Tho' there may be allot to admire about those skeletons' dieting secrets.


Bookgal said...

Or like the part of the forest near the barbarian is still in the living world, but the rest of the forest has shifted to the land of the dead. ooooooh!

This is awesome!

Andrew NDB said...

C'mon, Peter. Everyone wants to see you draw an issue again... make it happen, man.