Monday, February 1, 2010

Back to Chapel Falls

After posting those photos of the frozen waterfalls at Chapel Falls, taken last January, I decided I had to go see what they looked like THIS January. So two days ago I braved the 17 degree temperatures and drove up to Chapel Falls. It's interesting to contrast this photo...

... with the first one from my last entry and see the different shapes the water froze into. I think, too, that the fact that the left side of the waterfall in the newer photo is free-flowing water is a good indication that even though it was 17 degrees the day I took that photo, we have had, overall, a milder winter this time around. Last January that entire waterfall was frozen, with only a little flowing water visible through some cracks and holes in the ice.

Of course, while there I couldn't resist the urge to take some shots to turn into panoramas, so here's a panoramic view from near the top of the upper falls...

,,, and another one from a spot near the lower falls. -- PL

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