Friday, February 19, 2010

Steve Lavigne, Herald of Spring

Who needs red-breasted robins when you have Steve Lavigne, who graced us with a visit these past few days, and perhaps brought a breath of spring along with him? Steve hung out with me and the Mirage dudes -- he, Dan, Mike and I (along with non-Mirage friends Rick and Rob and my daughter Emily) went to see "Wolfman" last night (capsule review: "A very nice-looking empty movie.") and went out for a nice dinner in Northampton later.

Steve also had fun setting up his new office at Mirage -- he's hoping to come down from Maine to use it occasionally, and we're all for that! Here's a photo of Steve relaxing with some fine graphic literature after completing the basic set-up of his new space.

Coincidentally, Steve's new office space is in Eric's old space, while Eric has been, for the last few years, in what USED to be Steve's old office space which he occupied before moving back to Maine about ten years ago.

Eric joined us for lunch and walking around today, and of course we started to talk about how all of us (well, except for Mike and Dan) are really eager for the winter to end so we can get out on our motorcycles, and discussed various trips we want to take this year. It got me so fired up that I had to take a VERY short ride when I got home -- there was just enough time before the sun set to take what amounted to a ride around the block. I stopped to take a photo of the bike I rode (the Honda Deauville 700) before reluctantly heading home. Look -- almost no snow in this picture! (Sharp-eyed viewers might see the towers of UMass off in the distance behind the Deauville.)

I would have ridden more, but I didn't want to risk hitting a patch of black ice in the dark. -- PL


Ninjatron said...

That wall is really quite orange. Don't you think?


mikeandraph87 said...

Thanks for the behind the scenes info on the Mirage Dudes! Dan told me in an email right after the sale that Mirage was to close its doors on this past December 31st. Has that been changed?*crosses fingers*

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Thanks Pete! I had a blast, and you are a true hero
I wish I was riding Jlo now! <( let the people wonder about this.) I should be typing this on my new laptop
but I'm using my crappy desktop. Thanks again Petey!

Rob G. said...

I really hope Mirage continues in some form; I always loved the anthologies and wished the Mirage Universe books had taken off. Since the Turtles aren't bogging down the creative aspect of other characters perhaps the Commandosaurs can finally get a full mission or maybe Gizmo Sprocket could make a long-overdue appearance.

Anonymous said...

Blah, I am happy to swap the seasons with you. It is still scorching hot in Australia and many of us are welcoming the Winter. And we don't even get snow *sigh* one of my 'things to do before I die' list items is to go to America in Winter and stay in one of those log cabins. Woo!
Anyway, love the bike! And the room. Nice and bright :D

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..does this post stand as omen for a possible return of Planet Racers ??