Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blast from the Past #27 repost: "Election 1980" / Hampshire Life

(Apparently, when I originally posted this on the "Blast from the Past" page of the site, we were in the throes of a Presidential election. In an interesting coincidence, here I am reposting it on this blog just as we are a couple of weeks away from another election. Let's hope this one has a more salubrious outcome for our country and the world. VOTE!!!)

This has nothing to do with the TMNT, but it is a "blast from the past", and in honor of this year's election, I thought I’d share this drawing I did for Hampshire Life, a tabloid-sized "lifestyle" insert for the local Northampton paper, The Daily Hampshire Gazette, in 1980.

That year, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and John Anderson were running, and I did this cover for the Hallowe’en edition (the joke is that these politicians -- even in the form of little plastic Hallowe’en costume masks -- are scarier than the monsters!). This is one of my favorite drawings from my Hampshire Life years. -- PL


Bookgal said...

Hey politics are way scarier than any monster I ever knew of!

Great piece Peter!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..1980s Frankenomics ~~**


Neil Vitale said...

The sad part is, it's true. One reason why I never bother to vote. The country will be in worse shape no matter who you vote for. The only thing that changes with each election is the year it takes place in :)..

Show me an Honest Politician, and I'll show you a 3" tall pink Elephant with wings ;)...

I do like this one, thought :). Especially the look of the ghost. Hey Peter, any Ghostbuster drawings in those files? :)

VforVashaw said...

I recognize this one from Gobbledygook. Very timely!

- Austin